Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Spot a Trustworthy Car Dealer

While many people prefer purchasing from car dealers with the assumption that they are more reliable because they have a reputation to preserve, it is nevertheless flawed to suppose that the car dealers are always trustworthy as they too, aspire to make the greatest gross profit in their dealings. This is why being cautious and educated is always important to improve your chances of getting the most of your money especially when buying a used car. Hereunder are some basic tips for you to spot a trustworthy salesman.

                                                                                    Complete support services

A trustworthy car dealer is serious about the business and thus poses to stay in business for a long time. As such, a car dealer has a clean and complete facility with administrative, sales, and service employees or department to handle administrative support, marketing, and vehicular maintenance or inspection. This car dealer maintains clear and well-documented papers about its cars including written warranties and inspection papers.

Consistency of information

A trustworthy car dealer responds to your answers consistently and promptly, including basic questions like why the car is sold, what repairs it needs, and what is the car's mileage among others. He explains features of the car diligently and as simple as possible without sugarcoating information with technical terms.

Reasonable warranty

A trustworthy car dealer has sufficient confidence on the reliability of the car that he sells. He offers a reasonable warranty of the car because he is confident that the car will not easily conk out or break down in just a month of normal or regular use.

Body gestures and expressions

As car dealers are humans, they may demonstrate certain attitudes or mannerisms that are generally attributed with lying such as stiff expressions, touching the face, avoiding eye contact, closed stance, playing with some objects, unclear tone of voice, off timing reactions or responses and fake emotions.

Changing of topics

Trustworthy car dealers want to make sure that the buyer fully understands his explanation about any queries. If the buyer asks about the car body, he discusses about the car body and does not interject other topics (special car features) to divert the attention and concern of the buyer.


People guilty of lying usually get defensive. Instead of simply responding to the buyer's inquiries or questions, a shady card dealer tends to defend the car by being sarcastic or cynical, without the buyer necessarily accusing or criticizing the car.